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This site will provide you with necessary advice and information that you will find helpful when either arranging a funeral or pre-planning a funeral.

If Someone Has Just Passed Away:

demo The practical steps that need to be taken when someone has just passed away.

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Free On-Line Memorial Service:

demo Create an on-line memorial In partnership with the charity MuchLoved.

Planning Ahead:

demoPre-arrange or Pre-pay your funeral in advance. Why you might consider this.


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Ask the funeral director

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How you can help

demoPractical suggestions if your friend or relative has recently been bereaved.

This website has been set up to give you honest information in your time of need.

All the funeral directors listed on this site are proud to be independent family businesses.

In all forms of business today there are big, international companies that have made their profits by taking over small firms. The funeral profession is no exception.

Many businesses have been swallowed up by the giants. The trouble is, there usually isn't any change of name to tell you the difference. Also this isn't always apparent when you read their adverts, speak to them or visit their premises. We don't feel this is fair.

It makes it hard for you to distinguish between the family-owned firm and the conglomerate. Without asking, you might never know if the owners your family has trusted over the years continue to make the decisions which will affect the service you receive when you need to make funeral arrangements.

When you entrust a funeral director with the responsibility of looking after you and
your loved one we feel you should know exactly who you are dealing with.

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Why use an independent funeral director?

The independent funeral profession has a long and proud history of providing a personal, caring service to local communities.

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Single minded devotion

With an Independent Funeral Service all of their attention is concentrated on satisfying the needs of the family. They are not distracted or bound by corporate rules handed down from head office. They are flexible and responsive to your needs.

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Devoted to families, not profits

Large concerns answer to shareholders. Independent family businesses answer to you. In a locally owned firm there is no pressure from head office to increase profits.

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